Room Details

Bedroom 1 (15'0" x 10'0")

The largest bedroom features a 7'9" x 8'2" walk-in closet hidden behind a pocket-door.  The high window faces west and has custom blinds.

Bedroom 2 (11'11" x 11'10")

The north bedroom is just a few square feet smaller than the 1st Bedroom.  With its large, north window and a closet deeper than normal (7'11" wide x 2'5" deep), you have the option of making this your Master Bedroom.

Bedroom 3 (10'3" x 9'2")

This 3rd bedroom at the top of the stairs features a southern window looking over the back yard and a 3'4" x 3'0" closet. 

Full Bath  (4'4"/8'1" x 8'3")

The 2nd Floor bathroom is a full bath with shower and tub.  The tub was newly installed when the house was remodeled about 10 years ago.  The toilet is tucked away behind a privacy wall and the bath vanity has a double sink and large medicine cabinet.  The entry of the bathroom by the vanity is 4'4" wide with the main bathroom being 8'1" wide.  The bathroom is 8'3" deep and does feature a west-facing window as well.

Upper Hall and "Nook" (2'10" x 3'1")

A unique feature on the south end of the 2nd floor hallway is a small nook.  This approximately 3' x 3' nook features a south-facing window that not only overlooks the large back yard, but also offers spectacular views of the Wausau area.

Stairwell Storage (8'1" x 5'6")

You can never have enough storage.  There is a storage "cubby" off of the landing on the stairwell from the Main Level to the 2nd Floor.  Storage area has a surprising amount of space and is more difficult to fill than you think.

Bedroom 1 Walk-In Closet

Stairwell (Main Floor to 2nd Floor)

Room Pictures

2nd Floor

Upper Hall (with Nook)

Bedroom 1 (15 x 10)

Storage Area (off Stairwell Landing)

Bedroom 2 (12 x 12)

Upper Full Bathroom

Bedroom 3 (10 x 9)