40' wide x 70' deep Shed

Addiitional Exterior Pictures

Interior Pictures  (coming soon)


General Information

This large outbuilding is a rare find in a house so close to Wausau city limits.  It is a Meyer building and has its own 200 amp electrical service separate from the house.  The west 1/3 of the shed has been finished out and is heated and insulated.  

Front Finished Area (approx 14' wide x 50' deep)

The west 1/3 of the shed has been finished out into a shop area.  It is finished out in 10' high ceilings and peg-board walls.  The 10' x 10' overhead door does have a garage door opener.  The exterior walls have 6" of insulation.  The 2x4 walls that separate the finished part of the shed from the open area are also insulated.  This part of the shed is heated with 6 IR ceiling mounted heating units in 3 separate zones.  The electrical was done with hobbies in mind.  Each 10' section has its own breaker running the outlets on the east and west walls separately (10 breakers running this area) to make sure you can spread the electrical load for high-output tools.  There are also 220 volt drops in a couple of different areas.  There is a service door as well as the overhead door leading to this area, and a service door leading to the open area from this area.  If you work with wood, with cars, weld, or no matter your hobby, there is not a much better place to call your own.

Back Finished Area (approx 14' wide x 20' deep)

The last 20' of the finished part of the shed has an 8' high ceiling and is heated with electrical baseboard heat, as that type of heat is more practical for certain things.  The same pegboard, insulated walls and electrical division serves this back area.  So you don't have to disturb what you are doing in the main shop area when bringing items into and out of the back area, it has its own 8' x 8' overhead door facing the back of the building.  Like the front area, this back area has its own service door and its own door leading to the open area.

Open Area (approx 26' wide x 70' deep)

The large, open area of the shed has a 10' x 10' overhead door with opener.  The center section features a 12' wide x 14' high overhead door and has over 14' high clearance.  Not only can this fit most large boats and campers, there are electrical drops to power a camper (or shore-power a boat) while it is in storage.  The storage area has its own service door also.  The floors of the storage area are gravel.  There are many electrical outlets along the exterior walls as well as the common shared wall with the finished area.  Lighting is done through warehouse-type sodium light fixtures. 


The ceiling above shop area was built with ceiling joists sufficient enough to allow the space above them to be used as an attic storage area, greatly increasing the storage space in an already large out-building.  A wide staircase leads to this attic space.  Although the attic has no lighting or electrical outlets separate from the main open area lighting, electrical drops were roughed in for them during its construction.